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human nature

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Geico Direct Magazine - "Accidental Inventions"
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Pearson Publications - "Opinion To The Editor"
Los Angeles Times - "Enron Scandle"
Los Angeles Time - "Live Chat"
Los AngelesTimes - "Ballot Initiatives"
Boston Globe - "City Driving"
Golf Magazine - "Golf Course Design"
Golf Magazine - "Golf Commanments"
Washington Post - "Green Consumer"
Chronicle Magazine - "Poetry of Math"
John Hopkins Magazine - "Embrace Change"
Handlywood Publications - "Transformer"
Handlywood Publications - "New Whiz Kid
John Hopkins Magazine - " Veggie Oil"
John Hopkins Magazine - "Turning Chicken Waste Into Fuel"
John Hopkins Magazine - "Recycling"
Pearson Publications - " Teamwork"
Spider Magazine Cover - "Story About A Dog Walking in Paris"
Harvard Graduate School - "Making Learning Fun"
Harvard Graduate School - "Making Learning Fun"
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